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Indiana Michigan Muskrat and Beaver TrappingIndiana-Michigan Muskrat and Beaver Trapping

They are both nocturnal so rarely do our customers realize the extent of the problem because most of the rodents aren't seen during the daytime. “We have a muskrat in our pond” or “a Beaver” is usually how the problem is described when people call pricing the job. The rodents rarely live alone unless migrating to a new home site. Awesome Critter Gitters are experienced professional rodent trappers, serving you twelve months a year. Pricing is based on; area to be trapped, accessibility, location and size of infestation. Please call toll free: 800-934-7454 or cell: 269-429-9821 or e-mail Click Here for an estimate.                         Guaranteed results.

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Shooting Beaver or Muskrats is not a responsible option. It’s illegal for a very good reason; the bullets ricochet off water like it’s a solid surface. You, your family, pets, neighbors or someone a mile away could be seriously injured by a deflected bullet.

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  • Area flooded due to beaver or muskrat dam
  • Creek destroyed by beaver or muskrat activity
  • Trees destroyed by beaver activity


Indiana Michigan Muskrat and Beaver Trappers

Both rodents start digging den openings in deep water, at night, when you’re asleep. They dig Hugh caverns, into the bank of the shore, for dens. They push the dirt into the deep water so you never notice it. The top of the den must be close to the surface to provide oxygen to the den in the wintertime. Over time the “dens” grow and can cause severe erosion's problems. We've seen greens on golf courses have such severe erosion under the bank; the sod would actually collapse if walked on because the hillsides had false bottoms.


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If you see a muskrat or beaver in your pond get over that live and let live feeling quickly, because removal speed is of the essence, before they start irreversible damage to your property. Just this spring my lawn tractor caved in a muskrat den; it threw me off the tractor (with the blades running) and rolled the tractor into the pond! No more muskrat love for me. The big underground dens are a leg breaking hazard for livestock, pets and humans. We trap residential and farm ponds, usually to prevent property damage, but we also trap many apartment complexes and commercial properties because of the extreme trip and fall liability.
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Have you ever noticed beaver always start chewing on a tree facing the water? The bare white wood is a sticky reminder note to him to return and finish what he started. Most people don’t realize how vast an area beaver’s home feeding territory covers or how long it takes them to “come back” to the tree they started. Procrastinating Beaver removal will only cause further damage to your property. They will return and once the trees’ bark and cambium layer is chewed all the way around the tree, it is lost.

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I've grouped both rodents together because the labor requirement and trapping techniques are almost identical. Water trapping is far more difficult, time consuming and expensive than ground trapping. Trapping is the only method to remove them. It’s illegal to release the rodents on public property without permission from the Department of Natural Resources. They rarely give permission because of the damage rodents’ cause. For that reason our standard priced trapping is done with killer traps in the water. Don’t let the word killer scare you, the traps are fully submerged and would not hurt a human or pet if accidentally tripped. If you have permission to release the rodents on nearby PRIVATE property we can live trap them and release them for a premium price.

Muskrats, like most rodents, are prolific breeders. Females can have 2 to 3 litters a year of 6 to 8 young each. Muskrats have sometimes been a food resource for humans. In the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Detroit, there is a longstanding dispensation allowing Catholics to consume muskrat on Ash Wednesday, and the Fridays of Lent (when the eating of meat, except for fish, is prohibited). Because the muskrat lives in water, it is considered equivalent to fish. Lenten dinners of muskrat are therefore traditional in parts of Michigan. If you like, we will skin and prepare them for you, no charge.

Pricing is based on; area to be trapped, accessibility, location and size of infestation. Please call toll free: 800-934-7454 or cell: 269-429-9821 or Click Here for an estimate. Guaranteed results.