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Berrien County Michigan Bobcat & Cougar RemovalBerrien County Michigan Bobcat & Cougar

Wildlife control in Southwest Michigan and Northwest Indiana is hard work but not without its high points. Cougar sightings around Stevensville and Baroda Michigan in 2007 spread into all the surrounding towns like wildfire. Almost every one of our customers asked if it could be possible. There are Cougars to the North, South, East and West of us so, yes it’s possible. Here’s the good news, you have a far better chance of winning the lotto than seeing a Cougar in our area. There's a few Bobcat in very remote areas but suffering damage from either of them is unheard of. Please call toll free: 800-934-7454 or cell: 269-429-9821 or e-mail Click Here to schedule a Service Call, Inspection, Estimate and Consultation.

My first encounter with Cougar was in the Colorado Rockies in 1972. I was fishing Buchanan Pass on my way to the Coming of the White Buffalo Indian Festival. As I crossed a dry dusty valley the hairs stood up on my neck from “a scream”, is the only way I can describe it, which stopped me in my tracks. I couldn't tell where it came from so I stood still, listening. I felt I was being watched but seen nothing. My partner and I continued our hike, but were turned back by shale rock and a suspended wall of ice-snow, flatLanders, can’t imagine. When returning through the dusty valley, we noticed Cougar tracks, tracking us as we came through earlier! We back tracked the Cougar to find a dead Mule deer, half buried, about 70 yards from where we heard the “scream” earlier that day. When we found the deer, the hair on our necks stood up again so we backed away and watched our back as we hurried out of the valley.

  • Bobcat preying on farm animals
  • Bobcat threatening family pet
  • Wild Cats preying on poultry and livestock.
  • Attack on a dog or cat
  • Concern for safety of children

Since then I’ve seen many Cougar, Bobcat, Lynx and their kills, in the Rockies, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Canada.

 Bobcat & Cougar Trapping Services

When the Cougar killed horse was found in Berrien County Michigan, the DNR was called. The word got out to Berrien County Animal Control and the local police. They told the newspaper they "thought it was Coyote kill".

Later a young Cougar was kicked in the head by another horse and killed.

Location, location is NOT everything when it comes to Professional Wildlife Control. Having the EXPERIENCE to recognize the location is everything in our biz. If you send people whom never seen Cougar, or their kills, to try and diagnose the attack scene, well you know, BS in and BS out. No harm no foul you say?

If the horse hadn't killed the Cougar, the Cougar would’ve killed the horse. Either way the Cougar would never find peace in this corner of the world. Constantly killing whenever the chance presented itself, lets pray the DNR and others inexperience doesn't cause a tragedy some day. They should stay within their limitations when lives are at stake.

Awesome Critter Gitters is a family owned and operated business. My sons and my knowledge are derived from decades of hands on field experience. Our competitors “National Certifications” proclaimed themselves “professionals” after they paid their money and took a week long course.

Let me show you some pictures taken of a real Professional Wildlife Control person’s education and experience. I’ll caption the pictures to help you comprehend the time experience factor.image001

1978 Quentin wouldn't give up the mink until he fell asleep. There were no Wildlife Control companies. Trappers worked for farmers, to obtain fur trapping permission.

Quentin growing up in the skinning shed, 1979.
bobcat problems / southwest michigan

Quentin’s first catch, setting traps by himself. The fox squirrel was a non target catch in a fox set. He still has the tanned gray fox. 1982


Quentin could set traps and catch animals before we would let him use a knife or hunt. It’s hard to see his first Muskrat inside the Golden Eagle. 1983

 Below, Quentin has trapped every animal in Michigan, for many years and is obtaining his Masters Degree trapping Bobcat and Beaver in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The top picture is releasing a hawk (non target catch) out of a Bobcat set, unharmed. The bottom picture is taken in front of National Trapper Association’s Hall of Fame Wimpy Zohns hand built cabin in Menominee Michigan. Quentin will say today, the only reason Wimpy took him on his line was to break ice, paddle the canoe and carry the heavy Beaver but he loved every minute of it.
michigan wildlife and bobcat control

The year is 1997. Michigan Animal Damage Control Association and National Wildlife Control Operators Association are in their infancy. Fur has become politely incorrect and fur bearers that our country was founded on explode into the need for Wildlife Control Operators.


In 2000 we were blessed to have Quentin join our family Wildlife Control Business.